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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Pro-women, anti-feminist

How can you support women but oppose the objectives of the feminist movement? Elizabeth Daly favors the equality of the sexes but thinks that:

"The organized, militant feminists fail to respect the biological differences, or to acknowledge the differing biological roles, between men and women, and their goal appears to be to create a new breed of women with the psyche of men."

No one is arguing that men and women are identical. Feminists are not striving to create a hermaphroditic human species. There are biological differences, but those differences do not manifest differences in intellectual capacity.

"Foremost among [feminist] attitudes is disdain for "women's work." "
"Certainly women should be free to pursue any career to which their talents and inclinations lead them, but those who opt for hearth and home should not be deemed inferior..."

What feminist movement are you talking about? The feminism that I know and love is about choice--a woman should be able to choose a path for her life without dismay.

The article gets worse than that: Feminism has damaged the very psychological stability of both men and women!!

"It has caused serious psychological disorientation for both sexes, and wrought havoc in relationships between men and women. The traditional roles have been destroyed, and the new roles are found to be unsatisfying for both sexes... Men are not permitted to be manly, and women are not only not permitted to be womanly"

That's a little extreme, isn't it? It is possible to hold feminist values without compromising gender identity. She clearly does not support any of the claims she presents which leads me to believe Ms. Daly has some preconceived notions and likely has no inclination to further educate herself.