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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

'How to best subjugate women'

The Promise Keepers plan to combat allegations of sexist preaching by hosting an event where, for a mere $89, men learn how to become better "servants and leaders to their wives in the way that Jesus was a servant and leader to the church." This event will not pass without protest from the National Organization of Women :

Melanie Dietzel, president of the local and state chapters of NOW in Arkansas, said Tuesday that Promise Keepers' leaders have the right to rally, but that she has the right to protest their teachings, which she called anti-gay and anti-women.

"The Promise Kepers is an organization that is putting a vision and a mission out there to pull men back to a patriarchal stance," Dietzel said. "This is how we see it. The notion of putting women back in their place."

Dietzel said she thinks many of the men who will attend the weekend rally sincerely want to become better husbands and fathers, but don't realize exactly what the Promise Keepers' leadership teaches.

I'm glad to see NOW calling them on their shit. What does Steve Chavis, Promise Keeper's national spokesmen say to all of this:

Chavis said critics who complain that Promise Keepers' message is for men are right. He said that's necessary because "men have gone awry and if we don't do something for men to be men, we're in trouble."

He also said the "marketplace of ideas" is dominated by secularism and that Christian ideas are needed to clean up rampant unethical corporate practices, mend broken marriages and combat feminism.

That's right, folks. Secularism and all this 'equality' talk from women is the ultimate reason for corporate fraud and 50% divorce rate. Combat feminism? He is obviously brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh's phraseology. If more people understood the motivations of feminism they wouldn't be so quick to blame us for all the troubles in the world.