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Monday, May 30, 2005

Einstein vs. Darwin?

Tom Barrett pits two of the most famous scientists against one another is this politically/religiously motivated attack on the Sanctity of Science.

Would you be surprised to know that millions of scientists around the world do not blindly accept Darwin's THEORY of evolution? Would it shock you to know that many of these professors and researchers are not religious, but they embrace the theory of Intelligent Design, which holds that our intricate universe could not have come about by chance? Would it blow you away to find that Albert Einstein was one of them?

Did you also know that Charles Darwin was himself a Christian and in fact postponed publishing On the Origin of Species (1859) because of his inner conflict with science and religion?

It is well documented that these famous scientists strongly disagreed on this important question. It is also well known that they, along with all credible scientists throughout history, strongly believed that all theories should be heard, all should be tested, and none should be ridiculed. This is the only way that science itself can be credible.

Completely misleading. Modern scientists do want all credible theories to be heard. Once they have been debunked, there is no use to give them attention.

Yet many politically active scientists today are desperately maneuvering to censor any mention of the theory of Intelligent Design in our schools, textbooks and media. Their accomplices in this blatant censorship are liberal politicians, atheists, most of the media and the national teacher's union (the Nation Education Association or NEA).

Who are these scientists? I certainly don't know any. The goal of science is not to spread ideology. Scientists want only to describe and analyze the universe for what it is. This includes having to draw the distinction between supportable fact and fantasy without regard to any person who may benefit from scientific findings. This is in direct contrast to religion, whose goal is to convert/recruit as many individuals as possible, willing or unwilling.

Darwin's theory is just that - a theory. It has never been proven, and cannot be proven. But the censors mentioned above want Darwin's THEORY taught as FACT, and they want no other theories even mentioned.

Wrong! This is perhaps the most misunderstood concept of Darwinian thought. Evolution happens. It can and is observed on a daily basis. It is not a theory. It is fact. The mechanism of evolution is the theory (but these can also be observed in some cases).

On the other hand, Darwin postulated that all life somehow crawled out of primordial ooze and miraculously became differentiated as mammals, reptiles, fish, fowl and so on.

There is nothing miraculous about it, my friend. On the other hand, this guy:

[believes] that God did what He said He did inGenesis: He created everything according to His plan.

And Tom offers this without any kind of supportive evidence, scientific or otherwise. Miracles are okay as long as God performs them and not Nature.

On page 293 of his book, "The Origin of the Species," Darwin stated that his THEORY would ultimately be proven by the fossil record. This has never happened. If the theory were true, at least some of the millions of fossils discovered by scientists would have provided a "missing link", a fossil that was clearly part one species as well as part another.

What about Archaeopteryx? The fossil, not the blog.

He continues on to display his complete ignorance of the goal modern scientists and concludes with his list of internet sources which include such helpful references as:

A Finely-Tuned Universe: What Are the Odds?

Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher about Evolution

I think it is called projection when a person attributes his own undesirable traits to his opponent. Scientists do not have a political agenda when it comes to actual science. We do want to keep non-science (and nonsense) topics out of science classrooms. Intelligent Design is not a science and therefore does not belong in a science class. If an individual wishes to teach his or her own children about ID, then do so outside of the science classroom.