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Friday, May 27, 2005

Feminist = Sex-hater

Since when did supporting equality of the sexes become synonymous with erotophobia? Apparently, feminists are in desperate need of a genophilic poster child.

"Why do so many women not want to call themselves feminists? I sincerely think it's because the word carries the stigma that feminists don't like bonking -- least of all bonking guys.

If feminism wants its good name back, it will have to come up with a pro-sex, highly bonkable feminist spokeswoman, who is seen to screw guys, and to like screwing them. Often. A feminist who digs cock."

I agree with Adam Ash's dissent from Catharine MacKinnon's view that pornography results in more violence towards women. I do think that if two consenting partners disagree on the use of porn, it can be destructive to a relationship. I am more inclined to think that for a single man (or woman), porn is an outlet to relieve sexual urges and prevents acting out on innocent standers-by.

However, Adam seems completely ill-informed about feminism in general. This statement is perhaps the most indicative:

"Until some sexy cock-happy feminist appears to gainsay this stereotype, feminism will remain lurking in the shadows of popular culture. It needs a poster child bad."