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Friday, June 03, 2005

Why can't feminists just play nice?

We all know that presumptuous little girls taking advantage of our free education are taking away from little boys' opportunities to learn. This is an outrage!! Women shouldn't be allowed to go to school because it is men who build the schools. If you don't help build it, you can't go.

Mike Spaniola (MND):

"Although innovative and honest, the majority of men are nonetheless insulted by a political climate that holds men responsible for inferiorities contrived as impossibly unique to anyone else. Boys in school learn at the expense of the girls, we are told. But it is boys who have worked in the garages of America in their spare time to develop better cars and engines and, most recently, computers and software. How is society served then, when feminist teachers tell boys not to "monopolize" school computers so that girls can sit at the screen and gossip electronically? How will promising "boys of tech" hone developing computer skills? For having been industrious, men are now portrayed as shiftless; for having been innovative, men are shown as domineering; for having been sensitive and honest, men are now manipulated and degraded."

So,...because women were socially and legally prevented from taking part in much of the innovation, they should now be restricted from enjoying the luxuries that resulted from them. Okay, I get it. Women were not allowed to help draft the Constitution, so they are not covered by the laws therein. Men went through all the pain and suffering of building the schools, so only boys should be allowed to attend. I see.

Criticism of men comes easily when viewed by what you want rather than by what you must provide. For example, would women clamor for gold and diamonds if they had to dig and operate mines themselves? If men were to go on strike, infrastructure would suffer within a week, and imagine teen-age girls despairing as malls no longer received shipments of clothing, shoes and baubles. When Madonna sang the virtues of being a Material Girl, she forgot which gender accommodates that lifestyle most.

Oh, Jesus. Does this even deserve commentary?

UPDATE: Some comments that I left in response to this article have apparently hit a hot spot with some fans of the Sexist News Daily. Pretty annoying.

Crucial Update: The change to the new template erased the well over 70 comments for this post. Feel free to repost your own sentiments. Many apologies.