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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Safe, legal, accessible and rare

Why should abortions be legal? Because making them illegal or otherwise inaccessible does not preventing them from happening. Case in point:

Nineteen-year-old Gerardo Flores of Lufkin was sentenced to life in prison Monday in a landmark test case of a state fetal protection law. An Angelina County jury deliberated just under four hours, finding him guilty on two counts of capital murder for his part in killing his unborn twins.

From Ampersand:

None of the news stories I’ve read explains why they didn’t go to a doctor. Maybe they were just too stupid and scared and afraid of being found out; or maybe pro-lifers have succeeded in removing all practical access to abortion where these kids live.

Regardless of the reason, I would wager that these kids were determined to abort their twins. Legal or illegal, abortions are going to happen. We might as well provide safe facilities.

via Feministe.