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Monday, June 06, 2005

Sex: God's wedding gift

This was too good to pass up. From New Zealand's Wanganui Chronicle:

Wanganui father Gavin Ander says sex is simply God's wedding present.

He is one of 15 parents who contacted the Chronicle in response to the sex education in school debate. The relaunch of the "No rubba, no hubba hubba" safer sex campaign has sparked debate on whether sex education should be in schools or in the home.

This can't be real, can it? "No rubba, no hubba hubba?" The site looks pretty informative, but the title is hilarious. Do kids actually take it seriously? Wanganui Chronicle:

"We have had sex education in the school system for many decades with no fruits to show for it. It is simply not working. If the horse is dead, get off it.

Really? I know that abstinence-only is a highly flawed method, but now Sex-Ed in general is useless? So, New Zealanders should just push the Stork Fable all through high school? Or just leave it up to the parents? Parents that say things like this:

"There is a clear link between the increase of negative sexual health issues and the increase of education, because the main ingredient of morality has been removed from the formula.

"Sex without a sense of morality is like a car without brakes," he said.

That's not what I heard. I think a better analogy is "Abstinence-only without real knowledge is like a society full of willfully ignorant parents with an STI epidemic among youths." Here are some good myth busters about comprehensive sex education and ...what's this?...they provide references!?! Back to the article:

Mr Ander said young people must be taught the desire to abstain because everyone had the ability to abstain. "Saying no to natural desires and urges is not a far-right Christian thing; it is a common sense thing.

No, it isn't just far right thing, but it is a blatantly stupid thing. Kids are going to have sex whether Mr. Ander has the common sense to accept it or not. It's better that they know how to protect themselves.