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Monday, July 18, 2005

Fairy Tale for Adults

Don't worry. This post is rated PG. It does, however, contain adult concepts that may be difficult for children and some Christians to understand.

From the title of this article, Evolution theory supports a series of hoaxes and frauds, I expected a half-assed infantile attempt to 'discredit' evolution, but the author couldn't even do that right. For instance, when he can't figure out why anyone would believe something so outrageous as evolution, he offers this as a possible explanation:

Some believe or support this “fairy tale for adults” because they have been taught it all their lives. These people have never seriously studied all sides of the controversy. They have been successfully brainwashed by the intense evolutionary propaganda of the last 100 years.

Actually, we evolutionists are still trying to catch up. The Genesis Storybook has been brainwashing its followers for millennia. Plus, there is this phenomenon in the Christian faith that effectively prevents any good little boy or girl from analyzing what was drilled into their heads. If cult members start to stray from groupthink and begin to piece together actual facts, their Christian guilt is likely to make them repent.

They are taught to be ashamed for asking God hardball questions. When they do ask questions that the bible doesn't explain, or better yet, when they come across contradictory scriptures, the leaders admonish 'It is God's will' or 'God knows best' or, best of all, they just pull out the 'miracle' card. If they can't explain something, they just call it a miracle and move on. Speaking of, aren't miracles more common in fairy tales than are natural phenomena? Which sounds more like a fable: observable natural phenomena forming life at random over billions of years or a talking snake in a tree?

And the telltale sign of a really weak position? Yup, the Hitler reference.

As Hitler said, “If you tell a lie long enough, and loud enough, and often enough the people will believe it.”

Is 6000 years long enough? Are Crusades and Inquisitions loud enough? The more insecure the author is in his own beliefs, the more Hitler cameos you'll find:

Sadly, some people support evolutionism for social-political reasons. These people (like Karl Marx, Stalin, Hitler and a host of others) understand that the teaching of evolutionism is foundational to their socialist cause. They know that it plays a vital role in the great struggle for the elite to enslave the masses under a new world order.

The people who believe this elementary propaganda are the same people who think that The Enlightenment was a step backwards or that it is unpatriotic to question authority. Believing in the Genesis Fable takes blind faith yet believers are so insecure in their faith that they must try to undermine the beliefs of others (but fail miserably), such as:

Neanderthal man was just an old man with arthritis.

and make laughably bold claims about their own beliefs. For example:

The Bible still stands firm: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” That is real science.