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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Call the FDA

Feminists want to supersize you.

[Mark] Klein's basic argument is that Heinz is a company going nowhere. Like other food companies, it's in a bind over what he says is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, diseases more Americans are inflicted with because their moms aren't home to prepare and serve home-cooked meals.

There is an ill-health epidemic and both parents are responsible for keeping their children well-nourished. But no excuses, adults shouldn't be relying on their mommies to cook for them. Doesn't Klein know how to operate a stove? (By the way, both my parents worked full time and both my parents helped cook dinner every night. I don't think the decline in healthy eating is a by-product of 'feminist careerism'.) Doesn't matter, he's headed for higher ground:

Klein says he's considering entering the Republican presidential primaries in 20 08 because "the collapse of the American family is such a catastrophe that we in this country need new leadership, and I'm prepared to do that."

Hilarious. Watch out Femerica, Klein's gonna lay the old fashioned smack down on y'all.