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Friday, July 08, 2005

Evolutionists are Nazis

Nazi sympathizers at least.

I could go on by noting that if atheistic evolution is true, Marx was correct and Locke was wrong, there is no justification for condemning the Nazis, and so on and so on...

When did 'atheist' and 'amoralist' become synonymous? I don't believe in the existence of a higher power, but I am compassionate human being even if my compassion did evolve by chance. One does not need to believe in a higher power to believe that genocide is abhorrent.

Further, if atheistic evolution is true, then there will be no accounting after this life is over for how one's life has been lived. In other words, Stalin, Hugh Hefner, and Mother Theresa all receive the same recompense - absolutely nothing. What is the value of choosing one path over the other, except to satisfy one's own personal desire?

Exactly. Call me a pessimist, but justice in the afterlife is not a guarantee. This is why is important to ensure a real and earthly punishment for the criminals here on earth. There is a problem, though, with theistic anti-evolutionists crusading for universal acceptance in God when there is a complete lack of evidence to support it.

Embrace the Random.