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Sunday, July 03, 2005

War on Fatherhood?

I don't get it. Someone please help me translate David Usher's latest incoherent babbling?

All men and women of moral stature must now step forward demanding restoration of the marriage contract, enactment of policies that encourage (and expect) spouses to responsibly work through the normal problems and processes of marriage and aging, and policies ensuring that divorce is no longer an institution that turns children into the chattel of politicians and feminists.

We now know that feminists are definitely not the best protectors of women and children, nor are they providers. Every day that we open the newspaper to read about mothers in poverty, illegitimacy, deadbeat dads, fatal child abuse, and crime in the streets, is another glaring reminder that husbands and fathers historically provide the best care and sustenance for their families.

(Emphasis added.) I just don't follow the 'logic.'