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Thursday, June 23, 2005

We Can't All Be Hemingway

Washington Times :: For whom the wedding bell tolls

This op-ed is full of zingers, and the bastardization of the title of such a masterpiece is only the first. I'll single out the one that insults me the most:

In "close-relationship" law there's a moral equivalence between marriage and cohabitation — what society once derided as "living together." There's ample research to show that mere cohabitation to produce children creates a less stable environment for them than marriage. In close relationship law a "partner" is the equal of a "parent" and conjugal marriage morphs into the generic neutrality of "coupledom."

Here, Suzanne Fields is telling me, and millions of other Americans, that we are hurting civilization. If this society created me, and I'm destroying it, that's technically suicide. So, come again?