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Thursday, June 23, 2005

How Not To Write & Publish a Scientific Paper, First Ed.

Ryan here. I'll be posting a bit while Becky is recovering and traveling back to Bloomington. On with the show....

One of my favorite political blogs is Here's What's Left. From the frothing bloggers at Power Line to the "nucular" option, Michael's writing is top notch. Every now and then, his partner in crime, Heather, offers up some great analysis as well. Her recent critique of the Heritage Foundation's study on the efficacy of so-called "virginity pledges" is worth a couple complete reads:

As Expected

Yuck. I just read through the Heritage Foundation "studies" on abstinence pledges that were being discussed a couple days ago, and I'm happy to say that they met my expectations and then some. I'll comment on their STD study now and post later with a thorough shredding of their analyses of oral and anal sex patterns because they are total monkeyshit, and also I hate to pass up an opportunity to talk about dirty sex. mmmm.

I'll have more thoughts in the Second Edition of this post when I can take my graduate student hat off.