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Friday, June 17, 2005

Jackson Case Was 'Gender Lynching'?

Did I miss something? I wasn't really paying attention to the Michael Jackson trial because there were more important things to be focusing on. David R. Usher of Sexists' News Daily had other priorities apparently:

"This is not law. It is the finest example of feminist sexism witnessed since the movie “First Wives Club” hit the screens in 1996. The Jackson case bears much more meaning than any movie could, because it demonstrates real living sexism. It is a national disgrace these minions of misandry are given prime time when the media would never air the equally-reprehensible views of the Ku Klux Klan."

I'm assuming that Mr Usher will be next in line to send his kids to sleepover at Neverland. I guess we can also assume that all feminists were hoping for a conviction and all men were hoping for an acquittal. Wait, what about the feminist men? They must have felt so torn...poor guys. It gets better:

Celebrity Justice Pat Lalama was apoplectic, shoving her fierce feminist face into the camera while literally scorching the inside of my picture tube with flaming rhetoric torching from her mouth.

The ultimate indicator of a fine journalist is the misuse of the word 'literally.' Any 'journalist' who messes that one up should resign his/her rights to describe things to people. I think Mr. Usher's literal hatred of women severely limits his ability to process information, let alone relate back a reliable, well-informed and justified interpretation of the events. I didn't see the Fox News interview he is referring to, but the figurative pile of feces that his article left of my monitor leads me to believe that his willful misunderstanding of feminism is just as rotten as his political views.

A surprising number of Americans still imagine that Jackson must have abused somebody. This is precisely how we have been programmed to think by feminists throughout the liberal media.
What liberal media?
The great civil rights advancements of this century will rise from the burgeoning mainstream pro-family marriage movement, which must rightly end feminist sexism to reach its goal. This movement will succeed because feminism is the true source of father-absence...

Ah, dammit! I've been fighting for the wrong things! I didn't realize I was supposed to be helping to abolish fatherhood.

We have substantially ended racism. However, vestiges remain which are actually driven by sexist attitudes towards males of all races.

Can anyone else figure out what the hell this guy is talking about?