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Friday, June 10, 2005

More goodies from Utah

The Daily Herald:

"The divine design is a counter to the kids' belief that we all come from monkeys. Because we don't," said Buttars, who retired from running the Utah Boys Ranch, a school for troubled youth. "It shocks me that our schools are teaching evolution as fact."

Maybe we teach evolution as fact because it is fact. Just thought I'd throw that out there; it might help resolve some of the confusion Buttars has about a field he knows nothing about. Unlike Buttars, this article in The Daily Herald displays some genuine words of wisdom:

Intelligent design may be a subject best left to theologians. Evolution, on the other hand, belongs in the science classroom, where it can be presented with other scientific theories that are subject to human observation and measurement.

Anyway, it's not as though Utah school students are only hearing about evolution while they're in school. There's plenty of time in a day for parents, ecclesiastical leaders and teachers who take the Bible literally to debunk science. So Buttars's wish is already being granted without an additional act of the Legislature.

By hearing each theory proposed in the appropriate setting, students will be well-rounded and better equipped to sort out the issues for themselves.