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Sunday, June 12, 2005

God hates science

Pioneer Press (reg. required):

"They've been taught that evolution is another way of saying atheism, and they just shut it out," said Wilcox, author of "God and Evolution: A Faith-Based Understanding." "They say, 'Why do I have to learn this stuff — don't you know that God hates science?' "

"God doesn't hate science — he invented it. We try to get them to see that evolution happened, and it's not so scary … that evolution is the way God did it."

Science is not atheism; science is non-theism. It is theistically neutral. We scientists are not advocating the teaching of evolution in congregational discourse every Sabbath. Will ID Creationists not pay the same courtesy and leave religion out of science classrooms? Many religious individuals have no trouble reconciling faith and science. Those who can't seem to accomplish this task should consider it a personal and private matter.

"I think there is a God, and he is the creator of the universe," said Miller, who is Catholic. "But the God of the intelligent-design movement is way too small. In their view, he designed everything in the world and yet he repeatedly intervenes and violates the laws of his own creation.

"Their God is like a kid who is not a very good mechanic and has to keep lifting the hood and tinkering with the engine."